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What are Soft Bounces & Hard Bounces?

Whenever you send an email, and it bounces back, it frustrates you. Sometimes you send an important email to the right email address, but it still bounces back. What would be the reason behind this bouncing back? Is the email address valid, or is there another problem with the email address? There are two types of reasons:

  • Soft bounces
  • Hard bounces

An email address that is temporarily unavailable: Soft Bounce

Sometimes you send an email one day and bounce back, but the very next day, you send it again, and it is in your sent box, but how? How did this problem get fixed on its own? One day the email address wasn’t working, but it worked the very next day. This type of bounce is called a soft bounce.

You sent an email today, but it wasn’t sent, and it bounced back in your drafts or outbox, but when you checked your email account the next day, it was in your sent box already, which means it was a soft bounce. When you send an email to an email address, and this happens, that doesn’t mean that you sent the email to the wrong address. There are several other reasons for this kind of soft bounce:

1. The email box was full

Your email was sent, but it didn’t reach its destination. This means the user had their email quote full, and your email wasn’t sent to their inbox. Most of the time, when we keep receiving emails, and we don’t check them often or delete them to make space for further emails, a time will come when you won’t be able to receive further emails.

It is one of the main reasons for soft bounces that the email address is completely right, but there is a problem at the receivers’ end that they have not been able to delete their spam and useless emails.

Once the user deletes some of the emails and a space will be made, then they will receive your email. A soft bounce is a temporary problem that you face while sending emails.

2. The server wasn’t working

Before you send an email, check for the server if it is working perfectly. What about the server of the person to whom you will be sending the email? Sometimes when the server goes down, nothing works out literally. This does happen most of the time, and the email bounces back.

You can send the email again when the server is back in action. It is also a temporary problem that people face rarely, but it does bounce back your email.

A permanently closed email address: Hard Bounce

You keep sending an email to an email address for about a week, but it keeps bouncing back. Then what would be the reason behind it? Well, this type of email bounce is called a hard bounce. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to send that email to a specific email address. There are reasons for this kind of email bounce, just like soft bounce.

1. In-valid domain name

The domain you are entering is invalid. Whether you are typing it wrong or someone gave it to you, if the domain is invalid, you won’t be able to send your email. It will bounce back every single time.

2. Non-existent address

Someone gave you the wrong email address. This might sound quite frustrating to you, and you might get a little bit angry too, but this is true. The email address you are sending your email to doesn’t exist. Sometimes someone gives you the right email address, but after some time, it might get deleted or stop working.

This bounce means the email address you are using doesn’t exist anymore, and this is a permanent bounce. Never ever will you be able to send your email to that address in the future.

Final Words:

Hard bounces can’t get fixed. A user must create a new email address. Soft bounces can get fixed, and most of the time, it does get fixed. If you don’t want to lose your important emails or any opportunity that was coming your way but bounced back, get your email addresses fixed soon.

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