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WordPress Email Validation Plugin

ID API Email Validation plugin for WordPress ensures that you get to validate emails in real time as your prospects fill your form


Prevent Fake Signups

The plugin is for anyone who has a website on WordPress and is troubled by fake signups or invalid lead information. The WordPress plugin works in real time to prevent a prospect from filling a form using a disposable email address, invalid domain, email with incorrect syntax, or email from Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail etc.

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Free Plugin

$0 / Per Month

  • Syntax Validation
  • Disposable Email Detection (Static List)
  • Free ESP Detection & Restriction
  • Generic Email Detection & Restriction
  • Local Domain & Email Blacklist - 50
  • Entries Each
  • Local Domain & Email Whitelist - 50
  • Entries Each

Premium Plugin

$2 / Per Month

  • Syntax Validation
  • Disposable Email Detection (Dynamic List)
  • Free ESP Detection and Restriction
  • Generic Email Detection & Restriction
  • MX Records Validation
  • Local Domain & Email Blacklist - Unlimited
  • Local Domain & Email Whitelist - Unlimited
  • Email and Chat Support

How does the Email Validation WordPress Plugin prevent fake signups?

ID API deploys a multi angle validation process to ensure every email entered goes through the following steps

Syntax Validation

Ensure accidental typos or errors while typing the email address are flagged in real time

Disposable Emails

Prevent people from using disposable emails on your forms to maintain good email hygiene

MX Records Check

Ensure that MX records exist for the domain of the email address being entered before accepting

Free ESP Detection

If you sell B2B then you might not want prospects using emails from Gmail, Yahoo,Hotmail etc

Business Domains

Push your prospects to enter their business email addresses for better selling prospects

Detect Generic Email

Restrict role based or group email addresses on your forms to get to the end prospect

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions and their answers.

  • 04. Is there any other cost outside of $2/month?

    Nope, it’s a $2/month flat fee for email validation without any restriction on the number of queries that can be made. Please do-not confuse this with email verification, our service uses a combination of methods to ascertain the validity of the emails but does-not do the end-point verification if the email exists. A full fledged email verification system is in the works and we expect to release the functionality in the near future

  • 05. What if my site is not on WordPress but I would still like to use your services?

    Apart from the plugin we have a well functioning API service that can be integrated in to any website or a form. Have a look at our Email Validation API

  • 06. Do you have access to, or store the email addresses being validated through the plugin?

    We have built mechanisms to validate the email addresses within the plugin itself without a need for the email address to be sent out to our database, so in short we never access your prospect’s/customer’s email address. You do however have an option to build your own blacklist within the plugin, which is passed on to us to alert our users of the scammer/spammers. This crowdsourced list would help us provide better security to our users