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Free IP Health Check

Free IP Health Check

Using the option below you can check the health of any IP Address in publicly available anti-spam databases and other lists that we maintain to know if the IP is a harmful IP.

IP Reputation Check

An IP address is the main parameter that a server looks-up before allowing the visitor to access the website. IP Address plays a big part when it comes to identifying a user for exchange of data between the server and visitor. ID API maintains a database of spam and scam records gathered from publicly available anti-spam databases, which get updated as and when these databases get updated. We also have our own mechanisms to gather spam and scam IPs organically crowdsourced from some of our services. Our IP Health Check API service tells a user if the IP in question is found in our anti-spam database. You can enter any IP Address to check the IP against spam records.

What is the need for an IP Reputation Check?

  • Detect a spammer or scammer when they try filling up your form in real time
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions from known scammers from happening
  • Prevent spammers from signing up for your services
  • Identify if your domain IP has been accidentally blacklisted and take actions to get removed from the list
  • Check if your IP reputation is bad that might be affecting the delivery rate of your email campaigns

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