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Phone Number Validation for a clean list of contacts

Run a wide range of both national and international numbers worldwide through our Phone Number Validation API. Use it with landline, mobile, toll free, VoIP etc. For example today a valid mobile number is required within the registration process in some platforms, then SMS is sent and user have to type it in to complete its registration. Allowing invalid numbers can increase the number of bogus users, abandonment of registration and it will cost more to send SMS to invalid numbers that won’t be delivered. At very least using ID API Phone validation endpoint will help differentiate between mobile, landline and other types of phone numbers.

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Validate number

Easily look up the country & validate the phone number of your prospects

Usage stats

A very user friendly dashboard to keep track of your subscription

Encrypted API

The API connection is served over a secure and encrypted HTTPS connection

Pocket friendly

Our pricing is among the lowest considering the capabilities the API offers

Tech Support

Get access to a very responsive and customer friendly support help-desk


The API's are well documented and made publicly available


Phone Number Validation & Lookup JSON REST API

Our affordable yet powerful phone number validation & lookup API is helping businesses across the globe like yours in ensure no time or money is lost on fake phone numbers

ID API’s APIs are easy to integrate JSON REST APIs where you make a request using a URL structure and results are sent back in an easy to process JSON format


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. Why do I need a phone validation service

    Businesses end up wasting a good amount of resources on fake/invalid phone numbers that prospects use while signing up or submitting an inquiry. Using a phone number validation API you can ensure that you focus your efforts only on the real serious leads and prospects are nudged to fill in their correct information

  • 02. What are the benefits of using a phone validation product

    Our phone number verification API pulls up data from over 200 service providers. The primary benefits of phone number validation are:

    • Maximize sales opportunities.
    • Personalize and localize approach
    • Capture multiple data-points of the customer
    • Identify the number type to plan followup accordingly
    • Maintain a clean list of contacts database
  • 03. Is there a difference between phone look-up and phone validation?

    Phone number look-up means finding the owner of the number, the name etc while phone number validation means validating if the phone number exists or if it is a fake as well as capturing the type of the connection, carrier, country etc. Hence our phone validation service does not create a privacy issue whatsoever.

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