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Free Email Validation

Free Email Validation

Enter an email address below to check if it is a disposable email address, using our free online email validation API.

We run the domain through our list of thousands of temporary email providers, to instantaneously flag a throwaway email address

Find Disposable Email Addresses

Are you troubled with fake sign-ups that results in frustration for your marketing team or waste money in bounced emails? You’ve come to the right place! Use the email checker above to get a taste of our temp email detector API. You can use this checker to check a limited number of emails, Sign up for an account to verify up-to 7000 emails for free a month.

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Why is it important to detect temp emails?

Reduce Fake Sign-ups

People signing up with disposable emails do not add any value for a website owner as they can't really convert them into revenue in the long term or short term

Reduce Email Bounces

A disposable email address ceases to exist past a few minutes or a few days, which results in your subsequent emails to bounce, the mail box not being live

Protect Domain Reputation

Email bounces over time accrue and might negatively affect your domain reputation, which might make all your future email campaigns end up in spam

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