How does a blacklist affect my website or me?

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How does a blacklist affect my website or me?

Whenever malware or virus gets detected on your website, they will be blacklisted. Users won’t be able to access your website for the sake of their system. When a user opens a website that has been detected with a malware problem, the user’s system will also get affected by it. The virus in your website might affect the user’s server too. So, whenever this happens, your website gets blacklisted by search engines.

Even if your website is available over the internet and the user wants to get access to it, then a warning will appear on their server that they might face problems as the virus might transfer to their system if they open your website.

Why is Blacklist not a good thing for your website?

Below are some of the top reasons your website should not have a backlist effect.

Your website will lose 95% of its traffic.

Once your website gets blacklisted, it will lose 95% of its organic traffic. Obviously, your website won’t get appeared in the search results using a search engine, so no one is going to look specifically for your website if they have already found an alternative to your website.

  • Only those who know your website URL will be able to open your website.
  • Even sometimes, when someone directly opens your website, but a warning will appear on their screen, they might not proceed with their action.
  • With time, if you don’t fix your website and it doesn’t get out of the blacklisted websites, you will keep losing your audience.

After some time, even the loyal audience you have won’t even want to visit your website. So, the major drawback you will face is losing your audience within no time. Once your website is blacklisted, no one would want to open it because they know this action might also affect their systems.

Your revenue will get affected.

Don’t you think that if you are losing your audience on your website and it has got blacklisted, then it will affect your revenue too? Well, it is quite obvious that if you are not getting any organic traffic directed toward your website, then how you will be able to generate revenue? You will keep losing money from your website.

The malware will affect your website, which means you will lose whatever you earned out of it. As we said above, you lose 95% of your organic traffic once your website gets blacklisted.

You keep losing your audience, and it will keep affecting your revenue. So, getting your website blacklisted is another drawback: less audience means fewer clicks on your website. No one is going to take your service, hire you for any job, or shop on your online store. It will be havoc, in simple words, if malware gets detected on your website.

The search engine will stop promoting your website

Once your website has got blacklisted, then the search engine will stop promoting your website too. No matter how much effort you make but once malware gets detected on your website, it will get blacklisted for sure. Once this happens, there is no way that a search engine would make your website appear in the top searches.

Even sometimes, people get access to your website through a search engine, but the warning will make the aware of the condition of your website. This might make them change their decision to visit your website. A search engine can block your website too. Yes, even if the user wants to look for your website using any search engine, they won’t be getting a link to your website because the search engine would block your link.

Final Remarks:

Visiting a blacklisted website is not a wise decision. If you don’t want to lose your data or look for a virus, then you should never visit such a website. Most of the time, the search engines don’t show a blacklisted website in their results, but if you get access to such a website, simply close the window. Once the website company has fixed the malware problem, then you can visit it, and it will be available on the search engines too.

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