The importance of Email, IP and Phone validation

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The importance of Email, IP and Phone validation

Nowadays, completing the procedure of creating an account would require different data requirements. You will have to provide all the data, which has to be validated, or else you won’t be able to create your account.

Providing enough information to ensure no one else can hack your account will benefit you eventually. Providing a valid email address and phone number would be needed for you to process any request over the internet. Your IP address must also be valid if you want to visit any specific website.

What makes email, IP and Phone Validation Important?

Nowadays cybercrime rate is increasing, and it is one of the reasons the security checks are getting pretty tough, so no one would ever get caught in any critical situation. For this email, IP and phone validation are becoming necessary.

1.      To get rid of invalid email addresses.

If the email validation feature is not there, you might send emails to invalid email addresses. It will be a total waste of time. With the email validation feature, you will know whether the email address is authentic or not. Your emails won’t get wasted on invalid email addresses.

  • For marketing, you will have to send hundreds of emails, and you will only benefit from those emails if the email addresses are valid. If the email address is invalid, your email will bounce back.
  • You don’t have to waste your time on invalid email addresses.

Wherever you want to register, you will have to provide your valid email address, and without confirmation, you won’t get registered with any company, website, or club online. Only valid email addresses would work.

2.      The IP address will let you know the origin of the visitor.

If you are running a website or an online store, you will get to know the IP dress when someone wants to visit your website. Now it depends on whether you want that IP address to access your website or not. This way, you will get to know the origin of the IP address. You can restrict access to IP addresses of specific areas, states, and countries.

You can allow specific IP addresses to visit your website. Only valid IP addresses will be able to have access to your website. If the IP address is not valid, they won’t be able to visit your profile, and what if the IP address is just a scam? So, you can save your profile from such types of scams.

3.      A more reliable source for confirming your identity

Whenever you want to register on a website, you will have to confirm your identity and that you are not any scam.

  • Without providing your identity proof, you won’t be able to get access to further details.
  • Most of the websites require your email and phone number confirmation.
  • You will receive a code on your email address or your cellphone that you will have to enter.
  • Without entering that code, you won’t be able to proceed. It is one of the safest ways to save yourself from invalid access.

Until the confirmation process is over, that person won’t be able to get any information from your website. Almost every website that offers paid services will require you to provide such information.

4.      Save yourself from spammers, scammers, and fraudsters.

Another important reason for emails, IP, and phone number validation would be to save you from spammers, scammers, or fraudsters’ access. If someone tries to access your profile and you have provided enough security information there, then without your allowance, no one will be able to get anything out of your profile.

 Suppose someone is entering your email address, but for security authentication, you have entered your phone number there without allowing access. In that case, no one can access your email address.

Scams are getting quite popular nowadays, and scammers try to hack your accounts to get your information from them. If there are security questions and valid security checks, no one will be able to scam you.

Final Remarks:

Now you might understand the importance of email, IP, and phone number verification. It will provide enough safety to your data. Without you, no one will be able to get access to your information. This way, no one will be able to scam you, or anyone from any scammed IP address will be able to visit your profile. These three things will tell you much about the person who wants to be linked with you.

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